A Moment to Cherish

Posted On August 10, 2004

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It had been 2 years since I’d last seen Yuka, my best friend from Japan. She finally makes it this time to visit Malaysia for her summer vacation. She will stay here for 1 whole week!!! I’m more than delighted!! Firstly, she made a visit to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Nexus Resort. That’s what I was told and there is a website to it.

 After calling many friends to meet up, only Jack and I can manage to meet her. I’m very thankful to Jack as he had volunteered to fetch Yuka for our gathering. We spent 4 hours straight at Ming Tien ordering food of all kind.

It was a very happy moment seeing Yuka and her friend, Sadoko going in and out at the restaurant ordering food like crazy. It was the first experience for them to eat at such a place (hawker stalls) and they were having fun ordering food like no tomorrow.

Lucky enough, Jack speak in his native Japanese to communicate with Yuka and her friend as they both speak Japanese all the time. Yuka speak less English to me this time and find it difficult to understand what I’m saying. They speak Japanese all the time and I was like…need to pay 100% of attention to understand what were they saying.

The disappointment for Yuka’s visiting to Malaysia was Daryl who cannot make it to our gathering. I was mad at him. It was a long time planning and he cannot make it? He told me yesterday that he was in the ICU meeting his friend for the last time but he seems didn’t care when I call his mobile. So be it! Since he does not care then why should I tell him what we did on Sunday? I won’t tell him. Will never EVER tell him.

Yesterday when he explained about why he couldn’t meet us and said he can still see us anytime. Well, we (Daryl and I) hasn’t see each other like in 1 ½ year! That mean we are nothing to him. I replied saying that even if something DO happen to Yuka or I, he wouldn’t know either. This is the truth. I’d gone through so many troubles and hardship and well, he doesn’t know. So, how would he ever know if something DOES happen to any of us? Hell, NO!

Before we say goodbye to each other, Yuka gave me something from Japan ^^ and I’d notice she did buy something for Daryl. He didn’t make it. So it’s fine!

Today Yuka and her friend are going to Melaka. Thanks to Jack who prepare the tour guide for her. From the brochure they brought from Prince Hotel, it cost RM280 per pax to have 1 day visit to Melaka by van. It’s way too expensive. Jack’s tour guide will bring them with only RM350 for 2! Not to forget they’ll have their ride in Honda City.

It must be fun for them and I’m wondering what they are doing right now…


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