Freezing Friday

Posted On July 23, 2004

Filed under Personal

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Here I am, blogging again during lunch hour. Just finished my nasi lemak and a few fried snacks bought from Giant. Lol…

It’s funny that food might be very expensive here but not today’s lunch. A pack of nasi lemak only cost me $0.99 and as for the 5 pieces of fried snack, only costs $2.95. I still have half of the leftover for dinner later.

Linsay told me about her conversation with nevets (her in-game husband) about whether I should choose to sacrifice either one of these: work or game.

It doesn’t make sense to me that to sacrifice either one. Work for living and game is for fun. I don’t have to choose either one. I’m greedy as much, I want both.

Today is so damn freezing cold in here. LDP is jammed since I came to work till now. Approximately for 5 hours! Here I am, wearing my jacket that smells of cologne(got it from hanging on the office chair-most probably some ex-practical student used here).


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