Stupidity and Idiocy

Posted On July 22, 2004

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I know H from a chat room I’d hosted 2 years ago. She is a happy go lucky girl I’d known. Own a steady job, has a car of her own, can drive anywhere she would love to go. It’s a bogus to have a freedom like that. I feel happy for her in a way. Then when she came over to my house (I never see her photo or meet her before and it’s all about virtual world) to pay in advance for the annual gathering of chatters.

She did shock me for a second coz I’d never think to meet her; supposedly its G should come over to make the payment and not her, but G prefer to stay in the car and brought her to my house. Guess what am I seeing?? I’m a girl too…and when I firstly meet H…oh my…SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! She was a bit chubby but still…VERY BEAUTIFUL. She has all the curves and bumps that every single woman will be envy of!

A year after, I came to know C a guy in his 28. He is a new chatter and came to Love room to chat, looking for a wife. Ha-ha! Many of us were curious and asked what kind of quality should be fit to be his “wife? There he goes, listing the qualities of his future wife:

1. Chinese zodiac in year of Rooster, Monkey and Dragon.
2. Will support whatever he did in career, life and decision.
3. Will be able to breed, of course.
4. Will be able to do all housework, cooking, washing, etc.
5. Listen to what he/his mother are saying.

There were M, S, J, V, and B chatting from workplace and we had a great time chatting everyday in the chat room. Most of us were joking there and I was a bit brave to point out he should marry a maid instead and it’s all settled, isn’t it?

We used to give out phone numbers for chatters to call as we’re staying not far really. Then I gave C my phone number. I used to give a lot of people I trusted including M, S, and B. Then he started to call my mobile number and we used to talk a lot. Maybe a bit flirty, I didn’t notice. C always teases me during those days. When it came to my 23rd birthday bash, I’d decided to meet M, S, J, B and V for the first time and celebrate my birthday with them. C was in East Malaysia and I didn’t invite him coz he is too far to get invited anyway. But he did tease me about coming and not coming. M hinted something saying that there will be a surprise for my birthday bash. I’d know it what the surprise is and I’d decided to play along with the surprise.

Everyone arrived and we had a great dinner although the food is bad but the atmosphere is great. After I’d finished eating my plate which I only ate a piece of chicken backbone and had a terrible headache. C still hasn’t arrived. He finally steps in after being late for 2 hours. Okay. He sit quite far from me and talking to him will be like shouting so I keep quiet and pay attention talking to S and V. V is M’s bf lol…they get together from the chat room. V and S treated me like a lady and I do like both of them a lot! S is a married man near his 40 but he is a great friend to me. After dinner they went clubbing and I go home. Basically there is nothing between me and C.

Since that day onwards, C is trying to keep away from me, and I can feel it. M suddenly accuses me of liking her bf, V, and I was a bit shocked from what she said. Come on! Why would I want to like her bf (her like means attracted) It doesn’t make sense at all. Sighs.. I was so busy that time doing my assignment and finally I simply blurted saying dun worry, I like C to shut her up. Duh!! That’s the stupidest mistake I made in my life.

M quickly go tell C about it and damn it C hides from me and I dun like it at all. Not only he is not worth being my friend and he makes fun of me all the time. Who would like a guy that makes fun of her eh?

Since C is behaving weirdly and I don’t pay much attention to him. There isn’t much to talk about anyway. 5 months had passes and there goes 2nd year of FunChat Annual Gathering that I’d organized. Yeah hostess does all the stuff. It’s a very enjoyable gathering to meet up those chatting behind the idiot box. H, S, M, B, V attended the gathering too and they finally meet H the pretty woman. H changed a lot. She is more stunning than the year before. M quickly goes back to messenger and reported to C that H is a pretty woman. The next day, M called me up to ask what I think about H and suddenly C too, popped me the very same question about H after 5 months of not talking much. H too asked me about C.

Why everyone ask me this??? I answered directly, and very straightforward of what I see and think. H agreed to marry C after knowing him for just a few days. Now this is the dumbest thing in the world!!!! But what can I say? If I say anything they will say I’m jealous of them. Haha…so all I can tell H is think properly and good luck. Even B does not agree with H fast food (I would rather call it Apollo 13) marriage. H is too much into sea of love and blinded with everything. She is upset about what B advised. B had a failure in marriage before and trying to advise H not to rush but decision is on the hand of H, we can’t say anything. Then H moved to the East of Malaysia, selling off her car, quitting her job just to be with C and it shocked S, my very good friend. He thought we were joking when he heard H marrying C news. S too, disagrees with what H did of marrying so quickly without knowing C much.

Since H moved to East of Malaysia, she is like a weak wife. I feel anger and pity for her. C don’t let her work, wants her to tag along everywhere he goes even to office. H sitting in the office doing nothing will die from boredom and I feel pain for her. C is ill treating H in a way and she seems like feeling it’s ok. That’s dumb!

Now, this very morning H popped up a message in my messenger asking what I think about her husband. I was like..stunned. Why would H ask me this question?? So, I replied C is your husband, why would you ask me? You should know more than me. H is doubting about her husband character. Asking me if C is a playboy or not. So this time, I tell her what I really think, not afraid that I might lose H as a friend but I need to tell. I said if it were me, I won’t marry C so quickly coz from what I know of him, he is not even worth to be my friend. Treating a normal friend like that is not right. He always makes fun of me which is not funny. H told me that C mentioned to her that I like C (yeah, right! As if he’s my type!). Now that really makes my water boil. I told her I’d like a lot of guys, C, V, S, J coz they are my friend! If I don’t like a person they won’t be in my friend list! I proudly said that I’d know many handsome (truly handsome and good type, a combo of Takashi Sorimachi and Yutaka Takenouchi) and I have many great friends. Losing one jerk friend mean nothing to me. The problem actually comes from M which is so big mouth and make so much stories that I try to avoid her nowadays.C is making as if I’m a cheapskate and he’s a hot cake. No way! I wish those women whom drool over C GOOD LUCK! I’m not interested and I feel mad when I’d been framed. I feel sad for H, she is a stalk of fresh flower put onto a piece of bullshit.


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