I’m working!!!!

Posted On June 21, 2004

Filed under Personal

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Finally!!! It’s my first day at work!!! SO much for my enthusiasm of finding a job for the past 6 months!!! I did it!! *Sitting at my office blogging here* It only mean one thing…

I’m bored.

I’m trying to figure it out of what I need to catch up with the project given by my supervisor which was halfly done by a part-timer before me. The documentation I needed the most is nowhere to be found. So here I am pretending to be very busy at work as well but only god knows what am I doing.

This office is very spacious and only me and my supervisor is in this room. Bad enough? Now that I understand when my ex did told me about freezing fingers at office. I told him to wear gloves. Stupid idea but I think I need one now. Although it’s so silly…no one wears gloves to type. Trully…freezing fingers can’t move….


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