War Day

Posted On April 21, 2004

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Asleep at 2am a night before, she woke up at 6am in the morning and had her breakfast (usually don’t) before she hits the road. Traffic along KESAS highway to Subang Jaya was smooth until…until the back road from BP to Sunway-LDP was jammed for over 40 minutes in just a short distance. Finally got to University on time and hit the lift button to 2nd floor, Computer Lab 2. She got into the room with a nervous feeling and once was in the room, she saw whole group of moderators and supervisors reviewing the submitted final draft.  Everyone was busy trying to setup their system and her moderator suddenly called up, “If there is a free time we can have presentation earlier”. She gulped. Arriving earlier doesn’t mean she wanted to have presentation earlier. Her reason of going early is to look at others project and have some time to setup her own as well. Damn. She has no way to run. 

Setting up the system is a terrible job when the computer is fully controlled by the admin. Her classmate was going to present his project at 8.30am and the problem popped up. IIS is not functioning to write to db. This is a simple problem when using IIS in win XP. She went over and told him what to tell to the admin. He quickly rushed to the technical department and asked them to set the read and write option.  He came back, look with awe when the technical department set and control the computer in front of them. The mouse pointer moved around automatically and clicked to shut down computer remotely. They waited anxiously for it to reboot and was excited that if the system works, he can present it on the very day and don’t need to postpone. Poor her classmate that he took a half day leaves just for the presentation. They tested the system again. Damn. They admin did not set it right. It’s a bad luck to have such technical person whom does not know how to set the computer system. Sadly, he left the lab and will be presenting his project next week. She took over the computer he used before. Once she sit in front of table 009, the moderator quickly tells her to setup her system quickly and she will be the next presenter. GULP.The presentation went straight for 30 minutes and she left the lab. Finally, everything is over~! 

She spent her day in Giant Mall after the presentation, rewarding herself for battling with the coding for more than 3 sleepless-nights-weeks. She bought a new watch for replacing the old spoilt one, hard cover papers for project final report and went home exhaustedly.


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