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Posted On April 20, 2004

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Life is not only about living but learning as well. Heard from somewhere before? For the past few weeks, I’d learn many important values about life. I feel a lot older – again.

 This has nothing to do with the age. Experiences of life can change someone into a new person or rather – a person whom you are not familiar with anymore. Why? Maybe the way someone been treated will form a new personality. Sometimes it creates a lot of negativity in a person. They won’t trust a person easily, always in suspicious, weird, and all kind of behaviours that you would think it’s strange or creepy.

How many people will go through in-depth to know a person of such behaviour? The answer will be 10/100. In what they called it X-generation/Y-generation (I wonder if there is a Z-generation as in Zitron), will not care at all.

  Learning from someone makes a big difference from learning from a book. A book is the fact while personal experiences are more to be treasured. While lecturing like a granny in this blog (I know I’m a granny, don’t tease me Merlin), I’m actually experiencing this kind of feeling. There are a lot for me to learn. It’s not from the book, but from the real person.

Who wants to be my open book?


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