Faking Out

Posted On April 19, 2004

Filed under Personal

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The weirdest thing that happened in this world and I believe it happened in everyone’s life whether you prefer it or not – wearing a mask of life.

How many of you are wearing the mask and pretend to be someone which are not you at all? Why should one wear a mask? Many pretend to be nice people but behind their sinister smiles or faking personality, they are not as what you think.

Should we agree to everything what others said just to make some good impression or not getting into trouble/making someone your enemy if u disagree with what they said? Of course, in Asian cultural values, we do count these values not because of wanting to save our face or life from disagreeing with others but not to hurt someone’s feeling.

This value is somehow misuse in a way, masking ourselves against speaking up the truth, forming a new character which what I despised most. Why and why, if you see things are wrongly done and yet you need to say bravo to it? What is right is always right, what is wrong is wrong. Should you agree to what is right to wrong or vice versa if you wanted to please someone? It’s definitely a NO-NO for me.

Living in this world of crusade is indeed a pain in the butt. Of course, to stay living and surviving in reality ones cannot deny behaving as one to get used in a community of that sort. But is it necessary to facade in front own family members as well? Can’t someone be real to each other? Speaking the truth isn’t right anymore? So what is right and what is wrong? Can anyone differentiate? Correct me if I’m wrong.


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