Low Class

Posted On April 18, 2004

Filed under Personal

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I wonder why in these days, human personal values are decreasing. It is a sad case and I think, good personal values are getting lesser in every individual. Sometimes I do think human are getting a lot more stupid than in the old days.

What is the use of high technology when human beings are getting lazy and will not do something more profitable in a way of increasing their personal values?

I was prompted by a chat room guy. Well, all I did was asked him a small favour and he wanted something to trade for the favour. How absurd it is! The problems is not the trade but the trade option of letting him to release (you know what I mean) and I get what I want. How I wish that I can really give him a kick on you-know-where

This is really a shame on a civilize people. Perhaps they are not civilize enough?


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