Internet 101?

Posted On April 17, 2004

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For the past few years since I got hooked onto internet stuff, I’d been receiving numerous chain mails, hoax and so on. Sometime I do wonder why on earth are those sicko did these stuff? Isn’t it better to spend some useful time to useful things such as TLC to the less fortunate? I do believe they are into cyber crime and most of the time forwarding unwanted mails is annoying. How I wish if and only if, a better laws for handling cyber crimes. 

Internet has provided us with a cheaper, hi-tech communications that enable us to use it freely. Why..why does some people tends to use it for committing crime? Is it fun to commit crime behind screen?   In most of my chatting years, I’d seen (from the screen, of course!) there are many pretender among the chat group. Why can’t they chat with their own personality and stop pretending to be someone? Façade in real daily life is already tiring but why do they bring it onto the internet? Is it fun to make fun of people behind the idiot box? Some might feel comfortable to reveal their inner self through internet and it’s a lot easier to chat with strangers in front of the idiot box. There are more dangers if ones reveal too much of personal information to strangers and if you hit the “jack pot”, you’ll be tracked by you-know-who. Its worst than Vol-de-you-know-who. 

There was countless times I got approached by psycho-cyber-sex-maniac! That’s another problem to deal with when a lady is online.


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