Posted On April 15, 2004

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It had been a few times that I’d use the wh- word for title of my blog. Maybe or maybe it’s just a coincidence or it’s my favourite word. I just don’t know. For the past few days my emotion was boiling tremendously and it’s beyond control due to some reasons.

Never-ever mess with princessa. Call me a snob or whatever. I won’t care much what others said about me. Those who really knows me, you just know me anyway. There is no explanation between friends. If you are my friend, then you just know what I need and well, if you are a real one.Friendship plays an important role in our life. But…..there is a but! If our friend is too attached to you and minding every business of yours, what will you do? Tell him to mind his own beeswax? I think between friends there must be a gap – a space for each other breathe in but not sticking their nose onto others business.

A very important word in friendship – UNDERSTANDING!

This does not only apply to friendship it’s for all in relationship. Sometimes I wonder why people say they need some space and like what’s on commercial, “Take a break, take a kitkat”. Yeah, in whatever situation, we need to take a break. Not too long, just enough to take some breathe and think all over about the whole situation.

  I know perhaps, after reading my blog some of you might think I’m cold-blooded alien. Perhaps I am one, who knows? I’d seen many things that is not supposed to happen at my age and this makes me older. I’m far older than a girl of my age.

  There are many people of 25-28 of age. Sometimes, they still can giggle just like in their teens. Gossiping about macho guys, etc. This is just not me. Well, since I stepped into secondary school and to university, I had never discussed about guys in this way.  The way they said it disgusted me. I have no idea why, being 25-28 and still pretending like in teens. Is this a trend or I’m just too old fashion to be trendy?


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