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Posted On April 2, 2004

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You are a Baroness!
Spirited, Captivating, Stunning!

You are a woman of worldly wisdom and experience. You are sensitive, protective (maybe even motherly), you are highly respected and praised. Your gentility and grace always shine through. You have a very beautiful moral nature that defines who you are. You are a woman others seek to befriend and they would never want to cross you.

You are a World Beauty!
You are a woman of the world
Encompassing all aspects of
Nature’s elements, lands, and waters
No one aspect describes you perfectly,
You are beautiful in all!


Hatshepsut was an 18th-dynasty pharaoh who was one of the handful of female rulers in Ancient Egypt. Her reign was the longest of all the female pharaohs, and her funerary temple still stands as a tribute to her incredible rise to power.

She was the first wife and Queen of Thutmose II and on his death proclaimed herself Pharaoh, denying the old king’s son, her nephew, his inheritance. To support her cause she claimed the God Amon-Ra spoke, saying “welcome my sweet daughter, my favourite, the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maatkare,Hatshepsut. Thou art the King, taking possession of the Two Lands.” She dressed as a king, even wearing a false beard and the Egyptian people seem to have accepted this unprecedented behaviour.

She remained in power for twenty years and during this time the Egyptian economy flourished, she expanded trading relations and built magnificent temples as well as restoring many others. Eventually her nephew grew into a man and took his rightful place as pharaoh. The circumstances of this event are unknown and what became of Hatshepsut is a mystery.

You are a narrative writer. Usually a writer of stories rather than poetry, you grew up reading Shakespeare’s less popular and heard of plays–like King Lear or the Henry series. Your writing contains a certain order and organization–be it chronological or otherwise. If you are to write poetry, it has to convey a logical (or perhaps unreal) story with some sort of order behind it.

You are a Gentle Dreamer… Your a deep and kind person, and sometimes very quiet. Your idea’s never cese to amaze the many people who seem to flock twords you, or perhaps its the way you present your cool and calm demenor. But never the less, be careful. Being too calm could lead to many false ideas.

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