Keyboard Power Make Up!

Posted On April 1, 2004

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It took me awhile to think if I should come online and blog about something. I’m really not in the mood to chat with my puffed eyes. Once I’d logged into my messenger, MonkeySun quickly pm me crying for help (with the crying emoticon).

I was a bit surprised. 2 days ago Bubbleooo promised to help him in translating his Chinese resume into english and was quite proud of what she is doing. Bubbleooo did ask me a favour of helping her once she’s finish with the translation part. I agreed without second thought and wait for her to send me her copy.

1 Day After
She didn’t mention anything about the resume anymore.

2 Days After
She disappeared into thin air (that’s what I think).

That’s when MonkeySun cried for help and I was still with my painful puffed eyes. I told my dear friend MonkeySun that Bubbleooo has promised to translate the resume for him. He said he did his part of writing ito English, he had called (maybe sms) Bubbleoo but got no reply from her. Strangely I never think Bubbleoo will do that. Is Bubbleeoo sick? Bubbleoooooooo……….Wherefore art thou?

Within 2 hours and 30 minutes time, I’d managed to hand in my first professional resume. Oops, I mean my friend’s resume. This includes eating my dessert sweetened bean soup and creating an attractive resume plus translating Chinese to English. Multitasking at the same time!

My eyes are too painful now. Time to get some sleep.


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