Posted On March 30, 2004

Filed under Personal

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I woke up very early today trying to finish my daily chores and get on with my project. While testing on my system, my so-so-ill-pc starting to give me problems. Error messages keep on popping up and is testing my patients.

There I go again, trying to reformat and install a wholly new Windows XP system into my drive C. First thing first: BACKUP. While installing a clean OS and having lunch at the same time is really a bad timing. I was running in between. After the windows showed up, I was busy installing drivers and setting the pc back to my previous setup. It took me 1 whole day to install everything back into order.

At the same time, I was half dead as the weather is too hot and I got really sick. Sick and need to get  my pc into order. This is what I did. I don’t have time for dinner as well. So much for a small illness of my pc of 8 months old.


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