Posted On March 29, 2004

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My eyes are sore and tired. I’d been having headache today since morning and when I’m recovering a bit I had to check on my sister’s revision papers. I just hate it while I was sick and in between of recovering, someone hands me a piles of paper to be checked on. This only worsens my situation. I was trying to get back to finish up my remaining of project and now I can’t even see what I’m trying to type.

The weather is sickening. I bet everyone is getting sick sooner or later. The doctor will have a lot of patients queuing for diagnosis and medicine.

While blogging, my sister came up with a cold Ribena drinks for me. LOL. This is what she usually does before asking for favours. I bet everyone has the same experience. This cold drink really works its way to my system and I feel a bit refreshed.

Since I’m feeling better, I would like to blog more things for today. Merlin challenged me to write an interesting blog after he read my last night’s entry. Jokingly, I said I wanted to blog about lingerie. Haha.. He totally agreed. Sorry Merlin dear, not in the mood to write about lingerie.


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