Posted On March 28, 2004

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I have obsession on dresses. I have no idea where did I inherit from. The first time I have my very own formal dress was last year. It is very expensive but I have to have it anyway. I was silly enough that I bought 2 concert tickets without knowing the acquire attire. WEAR FORMAL.

I panicked out and hunt for the right evening dress at whole afternoon without finding any that suits me. I was devastated and I really cried out the next day. Lucky enough I’d found a designer which is my mother’s friend. CL is a great designer. When I describe to her what I wanted, she can draw out the picture stating that which kind of design suits me well.

I was overjoyed. CL makes varieties of clothes from kimono to evening gown, baju kurung, kebaya, cheongsam and all kind of wedding dresses. She is just amazing! She even promised to make my own wedding gown when I got married. LOL. Didn’t it seems too early for that?

CL turned me into a princess! I appreciated a lot of her efforts and kindness. It’s really great to have her around. Maybe in the near future, when I’d earn enough of $, I would want to make some evening dress again.

On many occasions, I would like to wear my evening dress. But there are sometimes inappropriate to dress that way. On a wedding banquet held by my relatives for instance. If I show up with the dress they will point and exhort the inappropriate of wearing evening dress because only the bride can wear that on the wedding.

This is so obscene. So old fashioned! And of course, my other part of the relatives is different in thinking. They are open enough to let their guest wear whatever they like and it suits them well. At least their wedding is a buffet type and not the seated type.

I will go to more concerts in the future if I have enough earning. Going to a concert is one of my enjoyment of life.


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