Thursday Beat

Posted On March 25, 2004

Filed under Personal

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Yesssssss! I’m back on blog again. So much for the writer’s block! It seems that I’m always having this problem. Forget it. I’m actually enjoying my day today and while I was busy surfing for info, Merlin the wizard added me to his ring of chat conversation without my consent. So be it…

Then I came to a noty thought. Yes… a naughty thought of mine. I’m going to play noty with him and teasing him with Roxanne. It’s pretty funny that he finally excuses himself into “something more important”.

In the evening there comes another “ding dong” from the messenger. Oh my..I was talking to the dullest man on earth. No topic to chat, nothing excites me. I feel quite bored with him. I need to come up with a topic each time and it’s very tiring as if I’m talking to myself. Finally…I said ok..this time I want to talk something scandalous and hot. LOL to my amazement, he runs off just like that. Okay. Done with the deed lol.

Somehow I beat up 2 men today huh? Am I noty or what?


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