Job hunting still on

Posted On March 23, 2004

Filed under Personal

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I’m actually browsing through recruitment section from the newspaper every day and finally I saw an ad which drawn me to call them up. Without realizing that I had been calling this number for a few months already, I dialed the number and a sense a deja vu hits me. I’d called the same number and asking for the same job position.

They do not intend to hire an industrial training student but they put the job position as IT trainee. Not to forget the details, “We’re a multinational company yadda yadda…” and the one whom answered my phone call are very rude! So damn rude! She hangs up my phone call after she said “we don’t accept training student!”

I was’s not the first time I get this answer from this company. Sometimes I wonder if they are seriously in hiring IT Trainee or it’s just a scam? They had been having the same ad for the past 4 months!! Why of all the IT field people not even one get this job? I think this company has a REAL problem finding suitable worker or they are just too particular?


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