Posted On March 17, 2004

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It’s time for weblog again! I was busy helping my sister doing her projects the whole day and I don’t have enough time for myself! I’d make project paper letter head, customized by myself and printed out the floral frame and images to make the project stylish. Mission accomplished!

It’s my own free time now and it’s nearly 10 pm!

I’m enjoying my remaining – not less than 3 hours time before the clock strikes 12. This reminds me of Cinderella. Haha..

In fact, I’m very much a Cinderella myself. I always drop my shoes where ever I go.   No, no… There’s no prince charming to pick up my shoes. I was wondering where my prince charming is. Hehe… Sometimes I wish to be just like a princess in the fairytale. Real world is real world, no daydreaming.

 I’m looking forward to watch “Dark Water” later. I’d watch Spy Kids 2 last night. The techno gadgets are so cool and I wanted to have one of those. *I wish I wish I wishhhhhhhhhhhh* But first thing first, I need to buy Canon A80 so desperately and I still don’t have the money. Sometimes I think I should just rob the bank! Just kidding!

If only money comes that easy….


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