Salut, anyone?

Posted On March 16, 2004

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Waterkisses : i haven’t write blog idea what to write
Monkey Sun: i can give some idea la
Waterkisses:  what idea?
Waterkisses: i got i will write about wine
Monkey Sun: wine, now i drink a bottle beer
Monkey Sun:
Waterkisses: aiya.. i cannot drink beer
Monkey Sun: drink milk?
Waterkisses: nope…drink beer skin will itch..yang yang
Waterkisses: drink wine is ok
Monkey Sun: do you drink wine?
Waterkisses now no wine to drink..i like wine
Waterkisses: red..liquor –> tequila vodka yummyyyy
Monkey Sun:Å®¶ùºì?
Waterkisses: mei he guo
Waterkisses: lol
Waterkisses: why are u always with nv er hong?
Monkey Sun: if you come to shenzhen , i will treat you la
Waterkisses: still got nu er hong this wine arr?
Monkey Sun: ni de jiang xie wo kang bu dong
Waterkisses: Å®¶ùºì <——- in china still selling?
Monkey Sun: yes
Waterkisses: how to type Å®“><–?
Monkey Sun: ben lai shi zhong Guo de yi zhong ming jiu la
Waterkisses:i know…ancient liquor
Monkey Sun: dang shi bei Japanese qiang zhu le trademark
Waterkisses: :can i blog our conversation?
Waterkisses: laoban
Monkey Sun: bao cun tang hua?
Monkey Sun: okie la
Waterkisses: yup…publish on web
Waterkisses: just the wine part
Monkey Sun: good idea la
Waterkisses: :yeah lor..

I was having writer’s block today. Ok..Ok..­I’m not a writer but just a blogger. LOL. This is so interesting. I like wine and personally do enjoy wine. If I have the chance to be wine tester, I won’t miss it!! Where can I find free wine? Hmm…

The first time I tried Johnie Walker was years ago when I attended a party. Hehe..What a luxurious party that they provide red wine, wisky and brandy. There are ways of enjoying wine. Most of the people I know of won’t think twice to gulp the whole liquor into their throat. I wonder why are they always having wine as if they were drinking beer. Wine and beer are 2 different things. They are very DIFFERENT. I hate to admit that I hate it when people do not appreciate wine. I try to search through books from MPH. Yeah, I read there on the spot without buying the book. What else to expect from a poor student like me?

I got these golden rules of matching food with wine from the book. Food and wine matching is never easy, and it depends also on individual taste. But there are certain hidden rules and some experts’ opinions which I’d like to share with you.

1. Normally it is sensible to start with a young, light, well-chilled wine and progress to more mature, more full-bodied fine wines served closer to room temperature.

2. Have a sip of water or some bread in between wines.

3. Most meals begin with dry whites, then reds, then sweet whites, except in the case when the starter being fois gras which pair very well with sweet whites.

4. As a general rule, of course there are, dry whites go well with seafood whiles reds with meat and game.

5. Some dishes/food will not go well with almost any wine. So, don’t try to struggle.

6. Sometimes you’ll find that picking a simple local wine to match local dishes might beat some expensive big names.


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