Posted On March 15, 2004

Filed under Personal

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It’s raining now. I love rain. Imagining that I’m in a cafe house, sitting on a cozy couch and sipping the best arabica coffee. From the glass window view, I can see people are taking every quick big steps, rushing to find shelter. The water on the street splashes to the pavement as every vehicle passed by. No one cares what’s happening around them coz they were too busy with life.

Let’s imagine again if I press the “pause” button in this scene. Everything stops just at that. No one is moving. A-one minute pause. Then it continues to move again. What will happen in 1 minute if there is no pause?

Life is about moving onward. There isn’t any stop or rewind button. So, never look back to what happened before. Move onwards, life still goes on no matter what happened until the day I rest in peace.

What am I babbling about? Geez…I’m getting creepy!! I’m actually too full that I can’t move or think right.

~onaka ippai de ugoke nai si atama ga mawara nai~
(I’m too full that I can’t move or think right)

Can’t think anything right to blog now.


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