Virtual vs Visible

Posted On March 14, 2004

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V & V is what I’d learnt in Software Engineering.

What is V & V?
V&V: Verifications and Validations

What is Virtual vs Visible?
Virtual only existed in mind; created, simulated, or carried on by means of a computer or computer network. Visible represented by visually; symbols or objects.

Stop! Why are you playing with words? My inner voice screamed. I wrote the title for this entry as Virtual vs Visible. I’m actually feeling guilty coz I’d never miss any meet up with friends especially those I’d know from the internet. This is my first time to fly kite.

I was so anxious to meet this friend of mine. He came back from UK. We’d agreed to meet up. I’d plan to go to Seremban which is in his hometown. I called him before I leave my house. It took 1 hour ++ to reach there and by the time I got there I sms him telling him I’d arrive and wait for him to come.

Unexpected event happened and I got to rush back before meeting him. Damn! I’d only arrive for 30 minutes and I have to head back to my home ASAP.

This time I phone called him coz I just don’t trust sms as I was waiting from a secluded village with bad reception! I told him not to come since his sister answered my call and past it to him. I thought he was still at home so we can call the whole thing off. He sounds so disappointed. I feel guilty about it.

On my way back home, he sms me again. Explaining why it took him so long to come over to meet me. He was buying Seremban Siew Pow for me. How sweet!! Just as he promised 1 year ago back in UK. He really meant his word. I can’t taste the Siew Pow he bought.

I hope we can make a day to meet up again.

Why Virtual vs visible? To know someone from internet is virtual and I wonder if he thinks I had purposely make up stories to meet him and later never make it. Visible will only happen when u can SEE. In this case, he can’t see me, at least not yet.

Until the day we will meet, we can confirm that we truly exist. With these, validation will occur. It sounds so complicated and I don’t know what I am saying right now.


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