Interview Done

Posted On March 12, 2004

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Just as nervous as any newbie for interview, waterkisses stepped into Suite 802 of 8th Floor, Amcorp Building. A pleasant guy greeted waterkisses and told to register name onto their interview waiting list. Waterkisses got no. 14 in the list. What a lucky number considering 10 – 4 in Cantonese! Sap Sei – Sat Sei. More unexpected things happened, waterkisses is to be interviewed with other 4 persons in a boardroom.

Each of the applicants is given 1 minute to tell about themselves. Applicant no.1 started to intro himself with whoa – what a nice intro! Graduated from Australia with Bachelor of Computer Science. Oh my! What a strong opponent! The rest is not a big threat to waterkisses though. If and only IF there aren’t so many applicants for the walk-in interview, waterkisses should have a good chance of getting hired.

Waterkisses was quite nervous before going for the interview but once sitting in the boardroom, everything seems smooth. Although the air-con is cold and this makes waterkisses’s hands became cold. Waterkisses wondered if the recruiter senses the temperature of the room. But all guys are wearing long sleeves shirt, won’t feel anything!!!

Waterkisses will never believe conversing mandarin in an interview in her whole life! For the whole time, waterkisses was preparing to converse in English. Double damn. Waterkisses has never been used to converse mandarin with other people beside own family members and some friends back in mainland China or Taiwan. What waterkisses need to do now is to send out more resume to apply for a new job. Can’t wait for one job forever or waterkisses will be stucked forever without a Bachelor Degree. No one knows how long waterkisses had dream to wear the gown and hood for convocation. It was at the year of 6 waterkisses aimed to wear that hood and gown which look so glorious and pretty one day.

Waterkisses wondered how others fare in their interview. That depends on who is willing to tell me of their experiences. Waterkisses can never press on them to tell. Time for the “Charmed Ones” in action.


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