Stupid Lousy Loser!!!

Posted On March 11, 2004

Filed under General

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What does he think he is!!!! Who is HE to insult my web site!!!! Damn it! This guy I know from the web – Yeah, you heard me! I’d met him for so many times and I thought we were friends. Hell-no! What is so great about topcities???? You think you have free 100mb of web space and you can criticize my own registered domain? I pay every cent for it! There is nothing slow so-called-cacat(defect) page at he claimed. The only one thing is a defect – your tortoise STREAMYX!!! Come on, wake up boy! You have never seen a real web site yet. I can tell it you have the most boring website I’d ever seen but I NEVER said that to you. Where are your manners, boy? BAKAYARO!!!

I hated to say that this is an insult that I can never accept! I can accept critics but not an insult! I need to find something to cool down…


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