Come Back To Sorrento

Posted On March 10, 2004

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I’m preparing for an Interview for tomorrow. Things don’t come out just right and I need to postpone it to Friday. I’m feeling much better coz I have not enough time to get preparation for my attire, Q & A, result transript as a proof that I’m a University student.

After a whole day of researching for the company I’m going to get interviewed with, I’m a bit settled down now. But I’m feeling awful again. Geez am I having a mood swing or what? Perhaps the PMS got something to do with it.

Back to the time when I was having my hearty dinner this evening, some guy called me up. I was so excited to get a phone call coz thinking I’m going to get another job offer. Come on, who on earth will call for a job offer after 6pm? I must be a nuts! Very cheerful, I answered my mobile.

Conversation Started:

No-name: Hi Mary! I got the bla bla bla..( I don’t know who though, he was talking in cantonese)
waterkisses: Hello! May I know who is on the line? (my usual greeting in english)
No-name: Wah!! You don’t need to pretend you don’t know me la!!! (still in cantonese)
waterkisses: What number had u dialed? Is it XXXXXXX? (in english)

No-name: Yes I dialed this number. It’s correct!  Hey stop pretending la..the goods is sent to bla bla  bla…(still in cantonese)

waterkisses: Sir, I think you really called the wrong person! Bye! (so english me)

-Conversation Ends-

Then I resumed to have my dinner, my sister commented that I’m crazy for talking to an unknown person for so long. Actually, I missed the feeling of someone called me to my mobile. I haven’t have a friend whom called me through phone for ages! I was thinking, If I never talk to other people for a few months, will my mouth grow mushrooms?

My vocabulary of speaking is getting bad, coz I never talk. Damn! My english is getting worst. When I look back at what I’d wrote during my schooling days, it was very impressive! But now…I don’t dare to look at what I wrote.

Why am I getting worst?????????!!!!!!! The reason is very subtle. It took me years to realize why I’d change so much from my so-called-britain slang to a very malaysian “lah” sign. Firstly, talking in british slang sounds too formal for Malaysian. Others do tend to think I’m showing off with my english and feel uncomfortable with that. since I’m a truly malaysian(which born and raise here) I try to adjust my talking style and…voila! I’d succeeded doing that!

As years passed by, I’m getting worst. Thanks to the MSN chatroom(which is closed now), I’d became a hostess and use only short abbr. which is addictive!! Geez…it’s terrible and I’m trying to go back to real world and try to minimize the usage of “net” thing idioms.
So, any clues or ideas of how to get rid of these addictions? *Help me!!!*


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