Bday Bash

Posted On June 22, 2003

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I’d turn 23 this year and hardly to suppress my feeling. Having a Belated Bday Bash is so much fun and cool. Imagine for a little girl who had never celebrated Bday outside from her house and with a bunch of cool friends. There are a lot more to tell indeed.

My biggest surprise was meeting Chris. He flew back all the way from Sarawak to celebrate my bday. I doubted it’s not the reason. The main reason is they wanted to go clubbing together but I didn’t follow. After seeing him, we never really talk in during the dinner. I don’t know why I shy away from the whole group. Maybe meeting them for the first time somehow is a bit awkward to me. I was the youngest and I feel very timid.

Bobo bought me a Minnie Mouse Bday Cake. I’m more like a kid then. Saylong and the rest went to have tattoo. I brought them to the shop and they pick up a few images from the booklet. Both Bobo and Saylong had tattoo. I wanted to make one too but since the pictures are not very fancy, I’d dropped the idea. I don’t know how to express and it’s all seems like a dream to me.


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