Went to a Wedding Dinner

Posted On March 15, 2003

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The dinner was supposed to be on 14th March 2003, 7 o’clock sharp. Well, it’s a Malaysian style of wedding where as the guests will never arrive on time. Hmm…because of some family problems…we set off at 8pm (this is  very new for me as I’d never been late for a wedding dinner)

We get an advantage of unplanned car journey – rain all the way to congested KL highway and roads + traffic jam. It is so far from my house. I wonder why on earth did my cousin pick up a faraway place for wedding dinner venue! Ok…when we arrive..there was…as usual..no parking..this is what’s KL looks like..

While it’s raining….I soaked myself…little..without umbrella……it was nearly 9.30pm…yeah, no kidding! The guests had their 2nd dish finished. Hmm…we were the last to arrive.. Third dish came and I didn’t eat at all….coz it’s piglet! I don’t eat piglet. Then I starve again…until they have prawns…with wine..then only I started to eat..then fresh water fish —-> I don’t eat again…until a vege..then lotus leaf rice. That’s all! As for desserts…red bean soup..err and fried pan cake. The end.

I don’t know to feel sad or happy…whole night sitting with my aunts…that’s why I hate going late! The place is very small and crowded….not the one I used to attend before…++ smokes and hot! Terrible for me enough.


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